Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Caught in the Shadow" 2006 "Mermaid Portal" 2006 "Citrus Burst" 2005 "Blue Grid" 2005 This painting is roughly 5ftx4ft. I love working on large canvases like this, but when you are done with a painting this size...what do you do with it? So most of my paintings are about half this size.
Pictures of past art shows in Canton, Ohio.
"Shattered" 2003 (prints available) "Green With Envy" 2003 Sold "Land of the Free" 2003 A picture of 6 eyes paintings, most have been sold.
"Lisa's Red Shoe" 2002 "Cloth" 2002. Sold I did these two paintings during my Painting II class at Kent State University.

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